PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ I Love You And I Don't Want You To Die

Could have been written about The Beast!

I Love You And I Don't Want You To Die1 is the new release from Frankie Machine, known here as Francis Albert Machine, part of Artists Againts Success2, but released here through Choco Hearts3... still with me?

This release bundles together the first three singles and various compilation album tracks with a sprinkling of effects and interludes, to make one beautiful 27 track album. It's intended for the US market, but I'm sure no-one would mind if you bought it. You can listen to samples of three tracks here1, The Clue is in the Question4, and I Invented The Walkwoman5.

It's a beautiful piece of work, one for the more melancholy times though, if you like Nick Drake or say Kathryn Williams (yes, when you get any softer than Motley Crue I start running out of comparisons) then have a listen.

Oh, there's a bonus track, I'll leave that for you to find.

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