Blog2009 ≫ 'baywatch - battle of the console tables

this console table1 is all the way up to 2.20, whereas this one in Manchester2 has shot straight in with a bullet at eighty quid! What's the best tactic then, starting high, or starting at 99p? Am watching them both, I will report back. Think we got ours for about 100, a bit more. I wonder if now is a good time to be investing in this furniture second hand, as it really seems to keep its value. As they retire pieces (as they seem to have done with the small dining table and the ottoman the second hand values are going up, as it's still popular. BUT, as Clare says, what when if they ever stop making this range? Then there will be no new pieces to compare against, and perhaps there will be no interest in the range at all?

Nice night in last night, later dinner than usual as Clare was at yoga, but then we watched our third Taggart this week. Man they're long episodes though. Had my second massive crime un-fail in a row, predicted who the killer would be in just about the first scene, of a two hour twenty minute show.

Out tonight with work, curry round a friend's house.

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