Blog2008 ≫ Lost!

Not Lost the TV show, I haven't actually thought about that since watching the fairly rubbish end of series four and writing that subject line. No, actually lost, some people I met yesterday who did not know where they were. My walk from work to the station is down a country lane, it's not that fair from the middle of nowhere really. Two youths were stopped on the lane ahead, looking at me, I had my headphones in so couldn't hear what they were saying. Or rather plotting, probably, lining up a mugging, or a good happy slapping at least. No, they were lost, and needed to get to Portsmouth. That's nearly 130 miles1. They were walking away from the station as apparently there was a 90 minute wait for the next train going towards London, but there's really nowhere to walk to round that way, there are no pavements. I told them to wait for the train and had to run for my own train, hope they were OK. That is seriously lost, they must have got on the wrong train out of London (from the wrong station) and fallen asleep or something.

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