Blog2008 ≫ Why's this Habitat Radius furniture always so far away?

Five drawer tallboy1, starting at fifty quid, but it's in Cheshire. Will most likely end up waiting until we move and then buying another one of these new. It's going to be well handy having tall and slim furniture when we move from the big wide flat to a small narrow house. It's not a mistaken double listing there are2 two of them3.

The same person is also offloading the regular wide chest of drawers4 and a wardrobe5

Made an effort with this post to be more descriptive in my subject line there, did you notice? Not just "Why so far away?", which was my first choice, but something fuller, to draw the casual browser of subject lines only (say on an rss reader) in. OK, only the casual browser who happens to be interested in Simon Pengelly6's Habitat Radius furniture, and not the casual browser only interested in compromising pictures of my friends, but I think there might be an audience out there. I was reminded to do this listening to the Guardian tech weekly podcast, it's quite good.

Going ape7 this afternoon, a jolly with work, hope the weather holds up. Yes there will be pictures of that, and no more furniture all week.

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