Blog2003 ≫ Good Christmas

BACK in London now after a smashing (but short) family Christmas... with having xmas eve off we got down to Fareham in plenty of time to relax and receive the first of our xmas bonusses - a ride in the Beetle... this was my first car that I bought in 19921, and then sold about 18 months later... when the mate who I sold it to got fed up with it rusting on his drive, he offered it to my Dad for free if he'd tow it away, so for a few more years it rusted away on Dad's drive... now it's MOT'd and roadworthy and everything and Dad picked us up from Fareham station in it, and it runs better than I remember... it's booked in to have the bodywork done, and a respray and it should be looking ace by the summer2.

The evening in The Delme was almost everything that I hoped for, a couple of friends missing, but mostly present and correct, and righteously drunk. Christmas day was the successful feastival of too much food and booze, and boxing day was much the same. Saw my new cousin Jasmine, and realised later that night while watching A Night To Remember3 that she and her brother Ben are the same relation to my parents as I am to Charles, the one who was on the The Titanic, and I always thought of as being a distant relation... in't families odd? ALSO while still down in Fareham went to see the bungalow, including the inside for the first time, man it's BIG! The work is ongoing still, there are no ceilings and most of the walls are wanting the touch of a plasterer, but the basics are there and the rooms look huge... the lounge has room for a pool table, but we couldn't afford this place anyway... when the roof is all done this place will be stunning.

Got the new Raymond Feist3 and Dick Porter's Darkness biography3, and some nice DVD's and jumpers and socks and smellies and that, and on the way back to London I bought mine and Clare's present to ourselves, a Canon IXIS 4003. That's a camera. Also got the new hard drive that I've been meaning to get for ages, which I'm going to try and fit myself now, so this could be the last time the computer's working until well into the new year... I'm back at work on Monday, but my mate who can fix up the things I break isn't around again until the 5th...

Tonight when Clare's in from work we'll mostly be eating spaghetti and watching Pirates of the Carribean

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