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Not worth reposting it here, it's up on popex, you can read it there... a good night, as I've said before the best thing about Brixton gigs is I'm allowed to go in the Wetherspoons beforehand. Clare's not keen on that pub (The Beehive), and it's easy to see why, Wetherspoons do attract a certain class of mad old bastard, but they do have a better range of beers (and even Old Rosie) than anyone else. There was nearly a scrap too, but it didn't develop beyond the shouting and swearing stage.

Ew, also traffic has boomed just recently on this site... I'm doing between 3 and 4000 page impressions every day now, and I'm up to 4GB of data transfer so far this month. If it goes over 5GB I have to pay extra, so I might throttle the site a bit. No need to remove the picture though, that's hosted by!

It's a good job that XML::RSS isn't working properly, if I could do a podcast, I'd not be able to afford to host it. Kosso is interested in doing one though, and he's got all the kit, so maybe we'll do something together... meeting up with him at the Nobody Inn, Newington Green on Thursday. And there's a quiz on then too!

Very quiet in the office today, I had cause to shout at someone yesterday, and it's frightened everyone off. I was stuck right in the middle of a big coding job, taking the old purchase order system I wrote for Barfly and bringing it up to date, making it flexible enough to be used by the whole company, and so I was trying to keep several things in my mind at once, when suddenly WAAAAAAAARRGH!!! Very loud music. I like loud music, but this made me jump, there was no call for someone to be doing it in the office so I said some things and it turned into a bit of a row, but the music went off. I know this is a music company we work for, but the company bit's as important as the music bit. If we made explosives there'd be no need to let them off in the office when people are trying to get stuff done.

It's nice and quiet today.

UPDATE FIFTEEN YEARS LATER: I found out later the noise was someone very excited with the Arctic Monkeys demo or first album.

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