Forgot my keys

Forgot my keys

Cycled to my pick up point at the RHDR light railway (hey it was featured on Antiques Road Trip this week) and have forgotten my keys, so can't lock my bike... About to head home again but remembered Clare is off today. Called my lift, told him what was going on, called Clare, she brought the keys AND my high-vis jacket I had also forgotten. Locked up bike, she has driven me on to work, and everything is recovered.

Speaking of recovering I made a great improvement to our fraud detection systems that, er, blocked 50 legitimate bookings... We can recover these, we will contact the customers. Some had already called the call centre and continued, some may have changed their email address and continued, some are existing customers who we can contact anyway, 25 were potential new customers that will figure something out for, though some of those are likely to be in the "changed email address" category too, so nothing is really lost. Still annoying. It's all down to one fraudster who had a dody email like so then we blocked, etc. Those are not real examples...

KNACKERED today, I tried to go to bed early, and did, and read some more of Tombland there. Then Clare came back late from the cinema and disturbed me and then made a cup of tea at about midnight and disturbed me again, gah. I'm feeling tired right though, tired legs, how will running be tomorrow? Still it will be another night with no booze so should be feeling a bit fresher. I am missing the Inn Doors. Dry January day 11.

No great plans for the weekend, taking the boys out on their bikes and have a few little jobs to do. Would like to go to Orchard Lane cafe again though the boys see that as a bit of a chore, so we'll make it mid afternoon for just a snack maybe. Then also Iceland, I might go for one of their new vegan pizzas.

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Fri Jan 11 2019