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Fleadh launch was a nice opportunity for a free drink,though there was very little announce that hadn't already been leaked, only Christy Moore, but more will be announced soon.

Very busy at work right now, though I've been hassled less since losing my co-web guy pidster, I think people are giving me a bit of breathing space that I'm not sure I need. Still it's meant more chances to do a bit of quality editorial and revenue chasing, Google ads are doing very well as a result of people searching for tickets recently (Madonna, Glastonbury, Will Young and so on), I would imagine the actual ticket revenue is also up, though there's a delay in getting that. Anyway, Fleadh tickets here, other Bob Dylan tickets (he's the headliner) there...

I have no stresses at all about the flat to spew forth here today, maybe I'll disconnect the phone so no-one can get through and tell me something anything bad. The busses in were really smooth today, though not everything in the world is ace; my lovely rose of Clare is off sick.

I see lots of people have messed up their anti-anti-semitic google bomb if you check the rankings on Linking to doesn't really help, it's got to be

<a href="">[Jew](</a>

with no trailing slash... So many [webloggers](/wiki/#blog) just copy links so as to be in there quick, they're not checking what they're copying and pasting... Check out for more info on this.

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