Blog2004 ≫ Estate Agent Update

The estate agent phoned about the flat, saying he's spoken to the freeholders, they'll amend the noise bit of the lease, but won't let the floor bit in. The estate agent is meeting with the freeholders today, which sounds dodgy. Remember he's working only for the seller, not for me, so got to speak to my solicitor as soon as he's out of his meeting.

I pointed out to the agent (in case he's missed this fact) that the seller is to blame for all this and needs to put it right. I don't think she's been there long, so she's probably bought the flat in a scruffy condition, put in new floor, new windows and a lick of paint to sell on at a quick profit - Sarah Beeny I blame you for this! Only thing is the floor she's put is against the terms of the freehold. The agent says the value of the flat's gone up by about ten grand, so there's no need for me to be recompensated for losing the floor. Things are looking slightly less positive than they were earlier...

Also something's up with my oyster card, I think I didn't get to my nominated tube stop to activate it quickly enough after recharging it online.

On a more positive note... damn, I could think of some earlier. It's a bit sunny today, and we had sausage casserole for tea, that'll have to do.

Clare's bro' says

saw one of those numerous house-buying tv shows on C4 last night. Mostly boring make-over stuff, but it did a quick update on house prices across the regions and for the south-east it singled out Ashford and Folkestone (spelt Folkstone) as the key places in the SE where "prices will rocket in the next couple of years because of the rail link"

This is helpful only if I ever get completed on this flat, but I will look around tomorrow for contingency plans...

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