Blog2005 ≫ Sleepy weekend

Watched football, a rarity for me, but Portsmouth vs Southampton was on BBC1... So I sat watching in the flat in Folkestone on my own, with constant updates via text and phone from the mates who were gathered in the Chav Monkey in Fareham, drunk before I even got up. They ended up at the Frog and Frigate1 in Southampton, and I'm gutted I didn't arrange my weekend better. So heading that way in a few weeks hopefully.

Apart from the the main activity of the weekend was sitting in waiting for the carpet man to measure up the flat, so I had no choice but to sit on my arse all day really. Headed out to the shops, but basically a very pleasantly unproductive weekend.

Back in London in time for 24, wouldn't you know it Jack's got himself into a pickle again! He's been sacked for being an ex heroin addict (are you listening Mr Doherty2?), and got a new girlfriend, who's the daughter of the secretary of defence. He (James Heller, played by William Devane3, it's Knots Landing4 we must have recognised him from) seems to be the strong political character so far, who on earth is the new president? He looks a bit disposable to me.

Other tasks in the flat included having a bit of a look at the new blinds and the new fireplace, both fitted while I wasn't there... bit of a hitch with the fire, it looks good and all works well but it looks like the inside is blistering a bit, that's not right surely. Tried to take pictures of the fire lit and looking good, but I keep getting too much glare off the window, will have to try and take one at an angle like this one I just swiped:

Riva 67 gas fire

Our fire looks just like that, but our walls are not red.

OOH, and we've booked our honeymoon now I think... California! California here we come, right back where we started from... well not quite where we started from, but if it was then the title music to The OC5 would be like our theme tune. I watched that this weekend as part of my lazy time, it's not as bad as I thought.

2140 mails this morning, blee.

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