Blog2004 ≫ hello

⬆️Ah man, I missed Kirstie...

im moved about at work...all very bad news :o(

anyway, got the ipaq up and running...was v impressed to get some wifi action in Corney & Barrow...although god knows wot they'll think of me if they ever check my URLs, as looking at my history, one of my amusing peers visited hmmmmmmmm.....

so anyway, questions questions questions...basically i wondered if you had answers to the following:

  1. do u know good sites for downloading ipaq applications? pref for free!!!

  2. are there any essentials that i simply must have on my ipaq?

  3. is there a way of getting a news service? at the mo ive got AvantGo but i dont like it very much

  4. any ideas about how to break out of my firm's firewall? im on some dumb proxy server that wont let u do anything apart from work!

anyway, got to i am now a corporate whore i dont get the chance to surf all that much any more :o(


💬 Doh! Hope things get better

💬 proxy shmoxy

💬 2055

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