Blog2009 ≫ Emergency trip to hospital!

No, not us, of course, still no sign of the baby yet, but poor bro-in-law. Accident at work and has lost the tip of his finger, blee! Sister is threatening to show me video footage of the finger, after it was squished like a tomato but before the hospital had patched it all up again. So if you know either of them, I would avoid their facebook pages. I'd avoid their facebook pages anyway, it has pictures like this on it:

Don't suppose I lured anyone in thinking we were starting to have our baby with that headline, now stuff is not being posted direct to twitter1 or facebook. Got an hour or so to kill now while Clare has a snooze so maybe I'll have a look.

Been in Canterbury today, had a Wagamama lunch and bought Clare a handbag (but not in Wagamama). Just had coffee in Hythe with Dom and Jen and then off out to the Gurkha Palace again tonight. We are trying to make the most of our last official day not being due to be parents - baby is due tomorrow, if that wasn't clear - but we are not trying to lure the baby out with spicy food.

Nice day today in Canterbury, weather was spectacular this morning, hope it was as nice where you were. Oh yeah also went to a boot fair this morning, under strict instructions not to buy any more books, BUT, Clare foolishly sent me off early on my own because she wasn't ready, and met me there. So bought two Ken Folletts ([A Dangerous Fortune](" title="Ken Follett?tag=clarkeology-21)2 and [The Third Twin](" title="Ken Follett?tag=clarkeology-21)2) and three Ellis Peters, for the grand sum total of a pound. Would have bought a lot more if we'd had room to put it, someone had some brand new boxes of the same glasses we have, so I could have had six more martini glasses, six more champagne flutes, and six more tumblers AND a big crystal jug for only twenty quid! Unfortunately (sort of) these are all the ones that Clare has not broken already, so we're not missing any of those kind of glasses, but they weren't selling any wine glasses, which obviously have been smashed to smithereens. Left to my own devices I would possibly have bought a chainsaw, a crossbow, a catapult and a gun too. Car boot sales are great.

Where was I? I was sure I was going to do something useful on the computer today...

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