Blog2009 ≫ Trying to time a roast dinner around feed and bath time, that's never going to work

We're giving it a go!

Just bathed himself and Clare is doing the bedtime feed, while I have my list of instructions;

7.15pm - baste chicken, potatoes and veg in 7.25 - pie in 7.40 sprouts on and stuffing in 7.50 peas on

military precision, fast approaching my 7.25 milestone do I have time to write about my day? Very busy again, nothing newsworthy there, but clearly something newsworthy about our office as Inside Out were in filming. No Kaddy-Lee Preston though, what's that all about? Maybe she'll be in tomorrow.

Work fireworks and bonfire today too. It's been so wet here that they must have used a serious amount of petrol to get it going, it was roaring away as I left. I am expecting to come in to a pile of ash where the office was in the morning. It's good that they do things like this for the staff and the families (putting on events I mean, not torching the place) but The boy's too young for it this year.

Pie time!

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