Blog2011 ≫ In London again today

Up at New Bamboo's offices today, ideally for a day of planning, but realistically for a day of internet explorer fixes on our big new project. Don't follow that link, go via instead so we can track you.

Anyone got an opinion on sites that allow you to login via Facebook, as we are doing there? I have heard people be concerned about it, assuming we are going to start posting adverts to your Facebook friends, but we're not. We'd have to explicitly ask for permission to do that (technically, not just morally) and it would be clear to you we were going to do that. I don't use facebook myself any more but it seems most people do, so using it for authentication seems to be sensible. I will probably implement it here soon, so quick, click reply while you still can!

My back is still giving me grief again, maybe it really is time to buy a new bed. Could do without the expense right now though, as we had to pay for Clare's ticket to North Carolina this weekend, for her long overdue visit to see Kevin. Neither the boy nor I are going, we don't have passports right now and I don't think he'd enjoy the flight or fully appreciate the trip this year. Next year probably.

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