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It's just starting to sink in what the pod squad that Adam Curry1 talks about in his podcast would be, it's a premier league of podcasts... there's a lot of rubbish out there, and while everyone involved is being enthusiastic about what everyone else is doing, it's clear that a few are a cut above the rest... By talking about grouping these podcasts together like a station, so that it's easy to subscribe to a bundle of the half a dozen or so most popular shows, it's drawing a line between the best and the rest... These are the first steps to commercialisation, it'll be interesting to see... who will be the first to split off from the current second division of podcasters, and form their own rival league? I guess we'll have to wait and see who's in. My guess are Daily Sourcecode1, Engadget2, Coverville3, Dawn and Drew4, Evil Genius Chronicles5, and a couple of Dave Winer6 efforts too... it's only the first three of those shows I subscribe to, there are probably too many in the ipodder pioneers category to fit into "The Pod Squad", who will be left out? This might be interesting to watch. More interesting than reading my supposing about it.

Looks like I might get away without a bill, measured total data use: 4728 MB, total allocated data use: 5000 MB...

Not tried this restore your IPOD battery thing, but that sounds helpful... it's basically about defragging the drive so the battery has less work to do.

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