Blog2004 ≫ Weekend of travels

A great weekend in Folkestone though we seem to have been travelling around Kent for most of it. Raced down to go to Chambers Friday night, had a couple of pints in there and then shockingly left before closing, a bit tired... Saturday overslept until midday (told you I was tired), got our blinds ordered from Anthony Cowie1 at last and headed to Canterbury... I always have mixed feelings about a visit there, there's some nice things and places there, but it's just heaving always... a few weeks before christmas isn't the best time to go there. Nando's for lunch , very little actual shopping, then home to prepare for a night out. Just me and Clare on our own, so instead of just crawling around Folkestone so we decided to go Deal. Only five quid and half an hour away on the train, and it makes a change... obviously we got there in the dark, and didnt know where we were going, so it's hard to say much about the town, but it seemed quiet... found a couple of ace pubs to start with, The Bohemian which seems newly done in a gastropub style, and The Admiral Penn which was an old style boozer reminded me of The Hemingford. Also tried The Three Corpses, which actually turns out to be more of a fancy dining room called The Three Compasses, and then some pretty awful place I don't remember the name of before getting the last train back. I like Deal, we'll go back.

Sunday, a bit of visiting, lunch in Wetherspoons, and a dreary ride back to London. Looking forward to next weekend a lot, going to Chambers Quiz, having Monday off and heading straight into work Tuesday morning, so a very cool long weekend... The town is changing too, every time we're down we spot something new, last time it was the redevelopment of the crescent down by the Rotunda - we assumed it would be demolished, it stands on it's own a bit out there, but it's up for sale as swanky new flats, not expensive either, 89,500 for a one bed, or 24,950 for a 3 bed duplex penthouse, nice sea views too... this weekends development is closer to home, one of the huge slightly run down places on Earls Avenue is being turned into flats. We heard about the plans for this a while back, planning permission notices have been up for a while, but now the bulldozers have moved in. Should have taken pictures, they've cleared the back garden of this place and the one next door, not sure if they're both being redeveloped, if there will be any demolition or what... the places are HUGE, one could make a dozen flats without any extending, and the gardens will provide parking and regular outdoor space. I hope the flats are smaller than ours is.

OOH, just remembered, I had a bizarre dream at the weekend that I had a new job, the new boss had a new car with a personalised / vanity number plate saying "OVERLORD" somehow, and in the dream I painted the word across the seat of the car, and he was furious and didn't know it was me... what could it mean? Whatever it meant, it woke me up and INSTANTLY I had an idea for how to fix something that's broke and running away with memory on popex. Smart!

Before I go, what's this all about2? I read the latest (most likely the last) post before I'd read anything else, so I don't know if it's real or a project or what. Seems anonymous commenting on that blog was cancelled after the last post was made. It looks very fake, full of angsty teen cliches but seems to be true, though I can't find a news source I recognise.

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