Blog2008 ≫ No lunch for me thanks

Blee, it's our "rumble in the jungle" fun day at work and they've just completed their bushtucker trial type thing. Brains, tongue, testicles, scorpions, all sorts. Couldn't really get close enough to take any pictures or shoot any video but I will check out what I've got and upload later. Clare has a night out in London tonight with Emma, so it will be a quiet night in in front of the computer with a huge mound of chips for me! Going to try and do some web stuff that I've been meaning to sort out for a while, and have a bit more of a practice on the guitar. I'm only really doing a few minutes a day at the moment and not making any progress. I know the positions of lots of the chords now, but still can't move easily between any of them.

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