Blog2024 ≫ Runuary day 24

Clare did offer me a lift to Folkestone at lunchtime today, but that looked like I'd be running against the wind all the way back. Didn't fancy that. I ran to Hythe along the road, where it seems to be more sheltered, and then I ran back along Princes Parade where it's always windy. The wind was at my back though, so no problem. I was tired and aching before I went out, but the actual run itself was good.

I did some automated processing of the times, so that tells me today's run is my Second best time this week,but my best time for the 24th of January, EVER! See in the table below:

date 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
18/01 4'14 5'37 5'37 5'15 5'23
19/01 4'59 4'35 4'49 5'36 5'08 5'04
20/01 10'54 5'57 4'57 5'09 5'03 4'43
21/01 9'20 5'19 4'53 5'33 5'13 5'15
22/01 4'55 4'25 4'46 5'04 5'19
23/01 4'57 4'35 5'41 5'37 5'01
24/01 5'24 5'28 5'31 4'56 4'54

I'm tired and aching again now! My forearms are still aching from using the shears at the weekend. I guess I will do more of that this weekend, though we do have to make time to go and collect our new car! Hoping Clare will sort the insurance and so on tomorrow, while I'm in London. Yarp, commuting again, though I'm not sure who is even going to be there. Hopefully this means not going next week, as I do have to go the week after to that Welwyn thing.

Early to bed tonight as I'm up earlier than normal to head to London.

This means running in London at lunch tomorrow, will have to work out my route better than last week. I already bought myself a lunch to take, went up to Tesco after work today. I also bought some more herbal tea, as I have used up all that we have. Getting quite into it as a night-cap. I got some Tesco own brand "sleep tea" today. Anything to help me sleep is good. In theory I am sleeping very well, got another sleep badge from the Garmin app for quality sleep. But still not feeling super rested.

One of my favourite ever gigs was this day in 1991, thirty-three years ago, good grief. It was that Revolting Cocks gig at the Astoria. I used to go out.

Got some free energy tomorrow, but it's late at night, hard to figure out how to use it. Sign up here1 to join Octopus Energy and get in on it with me.

Light cloud and a gentle breeze, 6 - 11℃.

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