Blog2010 ≫ Boys night in

Clare OUT tonight, both out tomorrow, and rah, my phone is back...

Clare is OUT at Tinto Tapas with the girls, so the boy and I are home alone tonight. He's gone to bed already though, boring, so I am organising files on my new Buffalo Linkstation. Seems to be working nicely, recognised by the laptop and the PC and I can play music and videos straight off it via the XBox, so that's everything I wanted. Bonus extras include its built in bittorrent client so in theory I could be downloading the new series of House that I didn't realise had started a few weeks back.

Have been without a phone for about a week now, was feeling quite pleased with myself for managing without one and wondering if I should just get rid of it. Until last night. I was not quite ten minutes late getting out of work, Clare was picking meup but thought I must have gone when I was not there. She couldn't phone me, because my phone battery has been dead all week. So, charged it up again today. No messages or texts waiting.

Very tired this week, not sure why, feel like I may be coming down with something. It's taking its time though, everyone at work seems to have been properly down with it.

Lots of TV to talk about now, that's what you get for a night in on your own. What's the deal with Whitechapel1 then? I can't decide if it's quite good or really shit. Jimmy and Johnny Kray indeed... Will carry on watching it I think.

Have been very much enjoying the new series of Inbetweeners, right up until last night where they killed the squirrel :-(

Rare night out for us both tomorrow, Dom's birthday, we're going back to the Allotment in Dover, not been there for ages. Oh, and I won on the premium bonds, first time in a long time. Only twenty five quid, but still that's enough for a remote controlled light switch.

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