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⬆️The plan is to keep the flat too

Many congrats on the new job - oh the irony of working for a travel firm and then... not having to travel!

Go for it with the second property. I was surprised how easy it was for us to achieve this. We turned it all around within three months - that's finding a house, putting in a decent kitchen and bathroom in the old flat, finding tenants and then the big move itself.

All sounds like hard work, but you... just do it. We get a nice little profit each month from flat 1, plus in 15 years time when the mortgage is paid off, we sell for pure profit at an inflated price.

Greedy bastards, I know, but I earn peanuts during the day.

The hardest part is the first flat purchase. Then you've got equity to balance around. We're seriously looking at property number three ;)


💬 Wahey, good luck with flat number three!

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