Blog2005 ≫ Detroit Rock City

Watched Detroit Rock City1 yesterday, OK film, great soundtrack though. It's all about four kids trying to get to a KISS concert in 1978, though it's actually set in 1978 so there's no time travel involved. It's fun, and it's dumb and it's worth a look. It clumsily hammers in lots of mentions of KISS songs where it doesn't really need to, like in character names and in dialogue. OH MY GOD, this is exactly what We Will Rock You does, what if I would actually like that??? I didn't check the full credits2, if Ben Elton was a co-writer on this movie then I don't know what I'll do.

Watched another Angel last night too, it feels a bit like we're working through them now though so we can get another disk of The West Wing...

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