PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Sacrosanct

An Shameless plug

I know you’re not really into UK Garage, but I forgot to mention that ‘The Door’ by Sacrosanct (Me and Loretta Heywood, formerly of Bomb The Bass) is re-released on Chocolate Boy Recordings TODAY. It’s getting plenty of play on Kiss/Choice and Radio 1 and was the Dreem Teem’s ‘30 Yarder’ (ie record of the week) on Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago. When it was originally released two years ago, L’il Louis Vega of Masters At Work called the label to say that the Amalgamation Of Soundz mix was his fave track of that year. It’s currently being aired big time at the Miami Dance Conference.

Any chance of a plugette?

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