Blog2011 ≫ My trousers just caught fire

well, nearly

Just sat reading my new book1 after my lunch in the canteen at work and I could feel a fairly intense heat on my thigh. It was a 9v battery in my pocket, that had suddenly heated up until it was too hot to touch. What? The battery was dead, I thought, I'd just taken it out of our smoke alarm and not yet recycled it. Could it have shorted out somehow with the change in my pocket? Is this enough to heat it up like this? Really was hot. Did I say how hot it was? Nearly hot enough to have set the trousers alight, could have been nasty.

Someone just got pranked at work, all their stuff wrapped in tin foil, in a stone cold revenge for shaving someone's eyebrow off a few months back.

Starting a new book today as I finished Killing The Lawyers1 yesterday, quite good not Reg Hill's best book but good to be able to start a new series. From the first few chapters though Mystery Man1 is better, really good, very funny. I hope the rumours are true and there is a TV series made of it, and I hope it's better than Murphy's Law.

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