Blog2018 ≫ Sinner is REALLY good

Still watching The Sinner, it's very good. Have skipped ahead of the BBC4 offering as series one is also on Netflix.

Finished Killing Eve, it was fun in parts but pretty silly and also horrible in others. Not sure if I'd watch another series of that.

Off to The Magic Numbers tonight. Taken the afternoon off but not getting the train until 5, so just loafing about really. Am revisiting my Aisirer wifi plugs1 that work with the Google Home voice assistant etc. They did not work first time I set them up. Giving it another go now. The first one is definitely still exhibiting the same fault of randomly turning off, so I just left a bad review. The second one is not showing this fault yet BUT I have not connected it to the recommended TUYA smart home app. If it starts when I do, then maybe it is the app at fault? And then I will fish the other one out of the bin and try another app!

Apart from that got a PPI questionnaire to fill out. Not exciting and I think unlikely to yield results, but if it did I would fix the beetle...

Hmm yeah as soon as I set it up on the TUYA smart app it started failing! I will try the "Smart Life" app instead. Time for a bin dive!

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