Blog2018 ≫ Yeah, this Morrisons is on fire

Gah, our local Morrisons has burned down. No-one hurt but it has made the proper news. Where will I get my doughnuts from now? Oh, and also shame for all the people who work there and the friends we have who had is as their nearest walk-to shop. Will they rebuild it? Or is the land too valuable now?

Actually just found they have some vegan friendly mini-doughnuts in the petrol station near the house.

I've been up and down to school FOUR times today, one run in, one extra run in with a forgotten swimming kit, and two separate pick ups. This extra walking means I am fully stepped today.

Swimming tonight too, it's all go.

Just making plans to go to Luben tomorrow as a friend is visiting. I don't like Luben they always mess something up.

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