Blog2010 ≫ Freezing here again today

A very cold middle day of a long weekend for me. I have Monday off looking after the boy while Clare is at work and her folks are otherwise occupied, and then Tuesday morning off too running an errand. My early this morning, it's quiet everywhere. The heating seems particularly noisy, like it is working overtime to get the house up to a reasonable temperature. Had a little snow yesterday1:

but it did not settle for long. We went to Ashford yesterday, looked to be getting much heavier as we headed along the M20, but it fizzled out by the time we got there. Stuck in traffic for far too long in Ashford, I hate Ashford. Some quite successful shopping though, got something we were thinking of getting for the boy reduced to half price so that's good. Nearly all of the Happy Land toys were massively reduced in Mothercare, all except the one piece we had already bought. This almost never happens.

Off out when the shops open to Homebase or somewhere similar, looking for a new toilet seat. Exciting stuff! I rested heavily on the lid of the existing cheapo plastic one we have this week, and it shattered. It could have happened to anyone, it was JUST AN ACCIDENT, right? So going to get oak now instead, might replace all of them while I'm about it.

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