Blog2011 ≫ Lounge news!

Here's where to spot your celebs...

From this week's popbitch1:

Drinking together in the BA lounge Heathrow this week: Dom Joly, Simon Day, Peter Duncan, Neil Ruddock, Ricky Grooves and Julia Peasgood. On their way to Argentina for celebrity Total Wipeout.

Get your Heathrow Airport lounge from us and save money. No wait, get it from - my new project - instead! Still all the money goes direct to the company though, none is syphoned off into my pockets, apart from through wages and legitimate profit share schemes.

I think that BA lounge is probably terminal 5 though, which we don't sell. Still, an airport lounge is clearly the place to hang out with the big knobs. And Ricky Groves.

Free fruit at work again today.

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