Blog2010 ≫ Happy birthday mum

Couldn't post yesterday something up with my website. Had a great day though, a great weekend all round. Had a huge lie in Sunday morning and headed to the white cliffs1 of Dover in the afternoon. It's where Clare works, so met some of her workmates, then borrowed a baby back pack carrier type thing for The boy and went basically climbing up the cliffs. I will post some video footage later. We had a lovely cup of tea anyway, and the gift shop is very nice. The boy bought a fridge magnet.

Nice evening watching Cadfael, bah only one more to go, then a great show "Glastonbury from Avalon to Jay-Z" on BBC4. Missed the beginning of it so will be watching that later. Most of the footage seems to be quite modern but I'm still looking forward to seeing it again.

Here's some special Dad knowledge for you, in honour of fathers day yesterday: did you know the Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine is not called the Fat Controller anymore? We have some books for The boy and he's not referred to by that name any more. He's only called Sir Topham Hatt now. I would probably not have known that if it weren't for The boy even though Thomas the Tank Engine got a mention in Popbitch recently.

I think we're just about up to five teeth now, they're coming thick and fast.

UPDATE: Just watching and it seems Fathers Day is on the same day in the USA as in the UK. I'm sure that's not the case with Mothers Day...

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