Blog2004 ≫ Various evils and work

Various evils and various work related things, no evil work related things though... Just about ready to go on the relaunch of, at last, this has been hanging around so long, there are so many people involved... even at this stage people are saying "you should have done this instead", but just where were they in the consultation stage. It's good in a way, as it'll mean lots of ongoing work. We're doing a bit of an audit of all the money earned by all the things I do, and apparently it's looking quite positive and profitable, that's good. Unfortunately popex is not very well right now, disk error I think, hopefully restarting it will sort things out.

Couple of work related musical things now, just listening to Led Zeppelin's Greatest Hits1, there's a track on there I'm not terribly familiar with, "Trampled Under Foot" but chunks of it are the DEAD SPIT of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out1... track it down and listen to it now! It's work related as one of our companies manages the band (FF, not LZ).

Now to the evils, London is not a nice place at all I can tell you... a mate had his flat turned over last week, and while most of his stuff was stolen a few nice things were left behind, but deliberately smashed. What's that all about? Then yesterday our flatmate was robbed - while she was in a pub someone took her purse, took the notes, cards and pound coins (but not the change) out, then put the purse back in her bag... why not just take the purse and run? Nothing else was taken from the too, it's a very bizarre tale.

Neither of these really compare to Unlucky Man's situation, he had had guns pulled on him this week, in daylight... read all about it2...

💬 but this is the way of life

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