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Hello - this is a special mid-month version of the newsletter just to let you know about some RATHER Exciting New Things, these being our new single, the video to go with it, and the press launch for the Edinburgh Show. Let's GO!


Our brand new single, "It Only Works Because You're Here" is officially released next Monday. It'll be available on Amazon and (theoretically) in SHOPS, but you can get it direct from our webpage right NOW by going here:

As well as the title track it's got two brand new b-sides, "Professional Competent Rocking And Tight" and "Sod It Let's Get Pissed", and a veritable GREATEST HITS of bonus tracks taken from the Edinburgh Show. It's a bargain!


The rather smashing video for "It Only Works Because You're Here" is now on YouTube, HERE:

It's a photo story (or FUMETTI for those in the know) telling the story of the song and we're rather chuffed with it - see what you reckon and, if you like it, LINKS would be very much appreciated!


Tonight in London it's the Press Launch for my Edinburgh Fringe show My Exciting Life In ROCK3. It's on at The Cross Kings on York Way, kicking off just after 7pm with a set from Mr Pete Green before I do the show in full.

It's four quid on the door and open to everyone who fancies it - there'll be BADGES afterwards and GOOD TIMES throughout, so please come along if you can!

All right then, that's more than enough for now - thanks for listening! Cheers, Mark


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