Blog2018 ≫ Pi-hole

I am blocking all ads to the house using pi-hole.net1. Well apparently I am, but I see an ad at the top of this website as I type this, so maybe it needs a little tweaking. I disabled my normal ad blocker on this machine, it should be blocking all ads at the router level, which means blocking them within apps on the boys' tablets and things too. I will have to keep an eye on it, I know using a normal ad blocker has prevented things like ITV Player working in the past, I will be in trouble if it breaks Clare's phone in the house. Though it will be a while before she figures out it is my fault as she never reads this...

I did this on Saturday and it's only slightly related to the "oh no all the internets have gone off" post from then. All been good actually I'm very pleased. It is blocking approximately 35% of all requests, which must be speeding up my internets generally.

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