Blog2009 ≫ Good day's house hunting

Saw [the one I mentioned the other day](/m/11972" title="Listed cottage in Chartham), and it was not what I expected. The pictures don't do it justice, or I was a bit pessimistic when I was looking at the details, it's huge! And it has a ridiculous amount of character, it's all beams and half stair cases and unexpected crooked rooms leading off all over the place. It will make a wicked purchase for someone, unless there's something seriously wrong with it that we haven't spotted. And it's been reduced again1. We have decided against that area, if we were to live in Chartham it would basically have to be [gmap=Chartham Green Kent]on the green[/gmap]. In a house, on the edge of the green, not in a tent or anything. The location where the cottage is is a bit too remote, if we lived there we'd need to have two cars just to get by which is not on.

Have completely written off Thanington too, just outside Canterbury. Big houses for the money there with gardens and that, but there's something just not right about the place, few too many uncared for properties and sofas dumped in gardens and so on.

Saw another good place in Wincheap that we've arranged another view for next weekend, and we're seeing the one we liked there again too. The one we saw today is better on all counts except parking, it's on the main road and there is none, but it's significantly cheaper. The agent is convinced it's priced to sell immediately and has infected Clare with this view too. Apparently someone was doing a third viewing there today so they might put an offer in. After my disastrous poker bluff with the car maybe I should just dive in and offer the asking price, but that just does not seem right in the current climate. The agent is always going to say the property you are looking at has already been reduced by as much as it's going to be, aren't they? They do work for the vendor, and are charged with getting the best price, so even if someone puts in an offer before our next viewing they'd not be doing their client justice if they didn't let us know...

When we decided we didn't like the area of Thanington today, we were actually only a couple of hundred yards from the house we do like in Wincheap, but there is a major road between the two which quite clearly marks out the area.

Lunch in Wagamama today for a change. Was good, and practically free, we have two for one vouchers and I got some proper spending Wagamama vouchers from Kevin for Christmas so I really just had to pay the tip. AND, got a free coffee in Nero for having filled my card with ten coffee stamps. That's ten small takeaway americanos paid for to get one free large soya capuccino to have in, oh yeah beating the system...

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