Blog2005 ≫ Google Talk

Google Talk1 is up and running, Google's answer to MSN etc... hope it can chat across networks, will find out. Seems it's a service that can be connected to with other clients, so a jabber type client that can also talk to MSN people would seem to be a good idea. People who use MSN are very loyal to it and unlikely to switch, the same with AIM. I might have a go at this google desktop2 too based on what Nic said3... Imagine, pictures of me, just popping up!

Uploaded a few more folders of pics to yesterday, but spent most of the evening transferring MP3's from one computer to the other. Watched the second part of Silent Witness too, it's great, but a bit gory innnit?

Hmm google talk1 is pretty basic so far, no group conversations yet which I've been finding pretty handy just recently. Just installed Trillian4 so I can be part of conversations on all networks using one client, but it looks like I have to upgrade to the pro software to be able to connect to I've bought one bit of software already this week, is this really a road I want to be going down?

When will Google buy Yahoo? Then all the things I like to use will be combined!

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