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The Wife has a work event tomorrow at The Tate1 that I was going to go to (I fancied a private viewing of the Holbein exhibition2, but mysteriously now there's no room for me. Also the event got a write up in The Standard:

The result of the ever-growing mountain of wealth in London is that private banks have now become the best party givers in town. A good example of the benevolent influence of Swiss cash is the annual Christmas party of the Historic Houses Association3's Successors Group a motley group of the heirs and heiresses to Britain's stately homes which gives an annual Christmas cocktail party. This year it is at the Tate; last year it was at Apsley House. For an ambitious mother looking to marry off her daughter, there is no better networking opportunity. This is because, about two years ago, UBS stepped in to sponsor the group and for the last two years the party has been a champagne-fuelled bonanza of social mirth that also doubles as London's most exclusive eligible singles party.

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