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James Herbertesque12 sort of weather today, very foggy at home, and all the way into London... makes things seem a bit quieter, I wonder if the fog is really absorbing sound...

Great weekend, tiring though, I could do with being asleep right now. After Saturday's sofa success3 we headed off for dinner at Escondido4 and it was great again. Clare and I have been a few times and know we like it, but this time we went in a bit of a group, and were hoping the others would be impressed. And they were! Mother-in-law had something chicken based (as the swordfish was off the menu, the only disappointment of the day), Dom had duck fajitas (huge and not fatty), Dean had chilli prawns (finger lickin' humungous things on the shell), and Clare and I went for our usual steak (her) and red pepper polenta on a bed of mushrooms (me). I see now why it seemed to be a bit cheaper per head this time, no-one had a starter, but we did have a couple of bottles of wine. Definitely still recommended.

After dinner we pootled along to The Ship5 for a few more pints, a tiny "go on hit me... go on... OW! YOU REALLY HIT ME!" detour within the party, a bump into some more of Clare's family (who it turns out have been reading the website6 as it's a handy place to find out phones numbers of local places7), NICE! Then back to ours until far far too late, emptying the fridge and playing pool. Sunday, we didn't just sat around the flat though, oh no - I automatically wrote that, as I know how lazy I am, but NO! We needed to shop, and hate Morrissons (the nearest local store) so we walked to Waitrose in Hythe, that's about four miles8+%4051.071297,1.087940&saddr=ct20+2ha&f=li&hl=en&dq=waitrose+loc:+Hythe,+Kent,+CT21&cid=51070448,1083328,17941560823222293026&om=1)9. Good exercise anyway. Home, unpack shopping, watched an Inspector Morse110 and a Sopranos111.

Google calendar API1213 is ready, I will be integrating fully and possibly ditching my own code. Maybe. It's not like the Google maps API14 with handy code examples to steal, the only examples they have so far are in Java, but I think I can sort it just with the XML examples they give...

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