Blog2012 ≫ Back at work after nearly a week off

A frantic morning tracking down something that I broke before I went away... had some discussion of this issue while I was off and the concensus was yes, we could undo this error by taking out my work, BUT, the work I did was SO DAMN GOOD that it was worth leaving this thing broken. Today I've sorted it so both are working, and cleared all warnings on our website too. Yeah good stuff!

We had a nice valentines meal in The Harvester last night. No I am not such a cheapskate that this is the only place I will take Clare. We orignally planned to go out for lunch, taking the boy, but with him being so ill recently we didn't want to mess with his nap. So, we went out for a 5pm dinner instead. The Harvester was Clare's call as we knew it would be open at that time, we could get in without booking, and it would be great for the boy to eat and fine for both of us.

Not sure what it is with staff at the Harvester but the greeter at the door was awkward and unpleasant, just like the one at Port Solent often is. She seemed to be trying to put us off, first telling Clare that there would be a ten fifteen minute wait for a table. No OK, she's not really trying to put us off at this point I suppose. We went for a look round Bybrook Barn for half an hour then went back to the Harvester. Now suddenly it's a forty minute wait for a table. Clare remonstrated, wasn't it really only about ten minutes? "Don't know who told you that!" "Er, you did, about half an hour ago", "Oh half an hour that's a long time around here well it's a forty minute wait". We were called for our table in about five minutes. What is wrong with you people?

Harvester is well cheap isn't it, and the food is piled high. We all enjoyed it, despite the grouch on the door.

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