Blog2018 ≫ Estimated website hosting costs for next month are nine dollars

Looking at my estimated bill for web hosting, trying to work out how low it will go. Nine dollars is an overestimate I think... Last month was $15.21 which was a bit inflated because I was running the old EC2 server, plus experimenting with S3 and Cloudfront and things. The month before was a more normal $11.51. This month so far (a third of the way through) is $3 something, that's how they work out the estimate. BUT that includes EC2 from the beginning of the month too, which is now gone. I don't think it's going to go up much above $3, and I think next month is going to be even lower... NICE!

I have migrated all the old blog posts and things to the new system, 18,000 or so of them crikey!

I have had problems with Metalsmith, found it a bit complicated, but it's going to be good now it's all settled. I had lots of unclear errors but when I roll back I can find what is causing them. A couple of biggies were trying to do something like

date | truncate(15)

I understood that to mean "truncate the date to 15 chars" and if I just do {{ date }} it displays as Tue 12 Jun [2018](/wiki/#2018) 00:00:00 etc so that should crop it to just Tue 12 Jun [2018](/wiki/#2018). But NO! date at that point is a date object and it only appears to be a string when it is rendered to the page. If I try and treat it as a string before rendering I get a "oh noes can't get lastIndexOf undefined" or something - no reference back to the template or content I did it in.

Still got gigograph and family tree stuff to import, but there's a lot less of that.

Rebuilding the site is a lot faster with Metalsmith than it was with Jekyll but I haven't found a "only update the content that has recently changed" which I think I want for synchronising content with S3 without replacing the whole lot. I'm sure there's a plugin for it, everything in Metalsmith is javascript plugins, which I like.

Hmm will this post work with all this embedded code? We'll see...

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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