Blog2010 ≫ Hot head, cold feet

slippy on the way to work despite the bright sun

Sort of, it's a nice sunny day today, you could almost convince yourself you were hot if you looked at the sky. I even had my sunglasses on for the walk to work, it was properly bright and springy. BUT, all the heavy rain we've had has frozen, it was properly icy between the station and work.

Had a really good weekend apart from the water issues. Water Babies was good, I let go of The boy under water for the first time. He did not sink, he's very buoyant. Went to Canterbury as normal, had lunch in Nandos and bought a bundle of wine from the Goods Shed. Then went to Waitrose and bought a bundle more, wahey! That's me done for the month though, pay day treat and all that.

We watched Zombieland1, it is good. That's two films in a row that I have chosen and we both liked.

Uploaded some new pictures, here's The boy from a couple of weeks ago!


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