Blog2005 ≫ Up to my arse in javascript

Doing some testing on here that I'll be using on popex and our company intranet, you'll be able to expand / shrink threads on the page. Hopefully by default any threads that were posted since you last visited will be open by default, and anything older will be shrunk away so as not to trouble you. Only works in Firefox right now, doh! It's all good clean valid code though, and should have got the bulk of this page down too.

In other news, been listening to a tonne of Ricky Gervais1 MP3s, almost makes me wish I'd listened to XFM2 when he was last on. Almost. Anyone got any more? There are a load of streamed things on that I'd like to hear, but want to listen to them when I'm on the move...

Also, I need to open a new bank account, anyone recommend one? Do we really have to make an appointment and go into a branch just to open a joint account? Sounds a bit primitive, can't I just click some buttons and not have to talk to anyone?

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