Blog2018 ≫ Birthday in Gunwharf

Good birthday day in Portsmouth, though was tempered quite a lot by a) knowing we were going out early the next morning and b) my having no credit because of overdoing the drinking the previous day.

We started in Gunwharf, got the X4 bus down there while Mum and Dad went to the hospital (planned, an informational trip only, all is well). We had to get off the bus early because it was so hot and one of the boys was feeling sick so it took us a while to walk the rest of the way. We should probably have jumped back on another bus as we had a travelcard style ticket. This meant we arrived at Gunwharf the same time as Mum and Dad on the following bus.

Then a quick browse around the shops, Clare bought some shoes, then to lunch at Zizzi, where we met up with Kerry and Rob. A nice dinner, some Prosecco, and a garlic bread and pizza for me. Could not finish all of the pizza, though Thing One polished it off for me after his own. We have realised he will need adult sized meals now we can't get away with the kids menu for much longer.

After that, goodbye to everyone else, Mum and Dad took the boys home, and we shopped some more. I could not be bothered, had a bit of an idea I'd buy something in North Face or Levi or maybe get myself a running vest or shorts, but did not. Sat and had a coffee while waiting for Clare and at this point the rain started. This marked the end of a few weeks of heatwave and some much more regular weather for a few days.

From here we walked to Commercial Road as Clare was looking for trainers. We spent too long in Foot Asylum which seems to be a shop only for teenage gangster players, not forty six year old men anyway. Then also far too long in Primark also. Whose birthday is this anyway? After this had to decide where to go for my one pint I was allowed and some healthy food. I had a vague idea of a pub in Old Portsmouth called the Pembroke that someone had recommended but now we were in the wrong area. Decided instead of Palmerston Road; we're also in way the wrong area but I thought Clare might be able to get a cocktail there and if she was pleased by this I get to stay out a bit longer...

Was a good walk from Commercial Road to Palmerston Road and via some uncharted territory. We go via Elm Grove and I had half an idea to come back here, though it would not materialise on this trip. Palmerston Road however will be my first choice of where to go in Portsmouth next time.

First Meat And Barrel, which is trendy and comfortable at the same time. No cocktail, and no real cider, didn't think it was going to go well but I had a great pint and so did Clare. Very nice though she refused a birthday portrait selfie there because she was having a pint.

Next to a bad cocktail bar next door. It might be good in other circumstances but would not be my choice. We went in specifically looking for an Espresso Martini, which they couldn't do, but then stayed for a Tiramisu Martine, which they SHOULD NOT DO. It's not for me, the dairy in it excludes me but it didn't look good nor smell good. It did smell more like a cherry bakewell, and shouldn't Tiramisu have coffee in anyway? Which is why they couldn't do the espresso one, broken coffee maker. I had a mango and chilli Mojito - yeah, not actually as good as it sounds. I knew this place wasn't going to be for me, and it wasn't for either of us.

Finally though on to Croxton's Kitchen and Tap House1 next door to that which was brilliant. They have a great range of beers, I had another good pint and so did Clare. Also the food was great, I had a Campeche Bowl which was rice, avocado, black beans, kale, chilli, salsa, and slaw, all vegan. They do a vegan burger too. Liked this place a lot and will return. It's right by Wild Thyme also, which does good vegan food, though was shut by the time we got there.

There's another good looking bar across the road maybe called Southsea Village? But we didn't stop for another one, was 9pm by this point which is plenty late enough to be out on your birthday apparently. We got an Uber home which worked well and was reasonable.

Next morning up early and off to Chessington!

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