Blog2009 ≫ What's that big space in the flat?

Oh it's where my CD's were... all sold now!

Apart from the 70 or 80 already mentioned all the CD's are now sold! Jen did a good job at the boot fair, sold about half of them, then someone offered to take the rest as job lot, so we agreed. So that's maybe 200 quid we got in total. For a lifetime's worth of CD's...

Can only think of it as a good thing, I have had my moneys worth out of the music, and still have digital copies. Hmm, is that even legal? Have I effectively pirated my own music collection?

I'd like to think that the guy who took the bulk of the CD's owns a nice little second hand record store and our lot will keep him going for a while. But probably he's going to sell the best few on ebay (deep in the leftovers that no-one wanted were nice rare promos by The Strokes, Muse, Suede, and lots more) and have a bonfire out of the rest.

Ah well, job done, what to spend the money on? I think maybe a new stereo for the car...

Had a nice day in Canterbury, lunch in Wagamama, a bit of shopping and met a friend from work in The Parrot for a drink in the garden. Lovely! A night in, not drinking this evening. Clare had a couple of twinges today. They were five hours apart, so how does it work, how soon is the baby likely to come..?

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