Blog2009 ≫ Off to buy a car

Found a Fiesta in #Sandgate, not exciting but it's something to put a baby seat in.

Buying that car we saw at the weekend. I'm not at all enthused by it, but at least it's convenient and not that expensive, and it's a job out of the way.

I still have at least one more journey to do on public transport, as I'm paying the deposit today and rounding up the cash by the weekend. So, going to be late in to work today. stagecoachbus.com1 is SO BAD, it's great that it's easier to find the bus timetable information on than it is direct from them. I just want to know what time and what number bus I need to take me from the car showroom in Sandgate to work. Here's the best stagecoach have to offer3 which just doesn't seem to provide the info I need.

Hoping not to become reliant on the car when we do have it, all the time we're in the flat I won't need to be driving in each day, as my friend and neighbour takes her company car in every day anyway. When we do move I can hopefully lift share still, just pulling my weight a bit more.

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