Blog2007 ≫ Technology, and how it cancels itself out

Bah, got my wireless camera working in the house at last, for the first time since we went over to BT HomeHub and all the settings changed, and what happens the very same day? The IPOD stopped working. I suspect Apple1 monitor the blog and heard about me being easily swayed into buying a new IPOD...

I've got internets again on the IPAQ though, that is good, and with some help from Itchypaws2 and this article about the camera3 I've got the camera streaming direct to Windows Media Player4 on the PC, but not yet to Windows Media on the IPAQ, which would be great. Also not got it streaming to anything else yet, nor to anywhere outside the house, as my dynamic DNS has expired.

Before you know it I'll be streaming security footage from our flat to my new IPOD though, you just know it.

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