Blog2006 ≫ I nearly shivered

I nearly shivered just as I got to work, a brace of fire engines raced down Farringdon Road, all sirens blazing. It was too hot for a real shiver, but obviously thoughts all day are with the events of last year... Just looking back to what I wrote on the day

Carnage on the underground

Well hopefully no actual bloodshed, but there's been chaos on the way in this morning...

More here, and here, it did get more aware, remember the two minutes silence at midday, and see your regular news source for an 86 page souvenir pull out. I think I'll nip out and have my silence on my own - I basically sit in silence all day every day anyway, so I need the change of scene.

Those Status Quo and Girls Aloud gigs still might not go ahead then, predictably local people are objecting:

English Heritage is asking for permission to allow up to 10,000 fans to attend the gigs over the two nights. But residents fear they will bring chaos to the normally quiet neighbourhood.

Dr Peter Barr-Taylor, president of the Portchester Society, lives on Castle Street the only access road to the site. The retired GP, 83, said: 'The village is up in arms about it. When 5,000 youngsters who are slightly the worse for drink have got to get out of there through a narrow street, it's going to be chaos.

💬 That's my old DOCTOR!

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