Blog2018 ≫ Lesser run this morning

I know now when I'm going to do less of a run in the morning. If I turn left and run towards Sandgate I know it's only going to be about 4k as there is a natural turning point there. I think to do any further I'd have to do quite a lot further (which I don't have the energy or the strength for) or start running uphill (see point one). Going right and to Hythe gives me lots of small "just a bit further" places to run round in a loop, so I can easily do the 5k before breakfast. I wasn't feeling quite up to it today, so turned left. It was a bit cold out actually, but a one point the sun came out and there was a sudden wave or warmth and everything was great again. But I had turned around and was on the way back again. I could have run on a bit further, to the next bridge or the golf course, but I am going out walking tonight and probably at lunch time too, so it will not be a lazy day.

Watched episode two of Bodyguard last night, a bit more action than episode one, let's stick with it. Written by the same person as Line Of Duty, and equally ridiculous. Enjoyable though.

Clare is working all weekend, so we have no transport, so I'm thinking of getting them to walk / cycle / scoot into Hythe and maybe a Sunshine Barbecue for lunch.

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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