Blog2006 ≫ Fitter, happier, more productive

I'm not falling into the trap of making resolutions, but I am going to try and get a few more things sorted. Had a fairly productive Christmas, so why not continue in this vein? Oh yes, spurred on by my new toilet seat, here's what I'm achieving...

We have got INTERNETS on the PSP within literally DAYS of owning it, this is fantastic. The PSP is a great piece of kit, the screen is great and the games are great. Having a built in web browser and wirelessness just makes it fantastic. I had a load of grief setting up my IPAQ on our home network when we moved to Folkestone, ie it didn't work immediately so I gave up on it. Investigating setting up of my new camera (thanks Andy) I realised I had super tight access control, stopping anything but my PC connecting to the router. So now everything in the flat is connected wirelessly, which is great. It does seem a shame that while we're doing internets "wirelessly" in the front room we really need to have the power cord plugged into the PSP or IPAQ though, it really drains the power... Anyway, great to be getting more use out of the IPAQ again, even if we're mostly just playing Scrabble1 on it.

Music; for ages I've had no speakers on my work computer, so to listen to music I've had to get on the floor, plug in my headphones and remember to unplug them again when I leave. Then I rolled over them with my chair and they stopped making sounds. Now, not only did I buy some, but Clare bought me some too2, so I have a pair to leave constantly at work, and a pair to carry with the IPOD! No more kneeling on the floor just because I got some promo, that turns out to be rubbish anyway!

Bank accounts; We needed a new bank account, I had been dawdling over getting one for ages, and we had some cheques to pay in. We went down to Nationwide in Folkestone while we were off, and it was all done in about half an hour! Next stop investments... I'm about to get some shares in the company as a result of our reverse takeover, and my very old shares in what the company used to be. This will be exciting, and I may pay closer attention. Soon, oh yes, all these things will provide us with an income and we can sit at home full time looking at squirrels out of the window and eating christmas puddings.

Property; If I was resolving to take more of an interest in Folkestone property, I'd be jumping up and down at the news of a neighbouring flat selling for 205k, I'm sure that's a two bedder too. My property map is playing up at the moment, Google Maps3 have made a change to their API that's stopping the pictures of property popping up, gah... Still, sounding good! Maybe we will start looking to move, get a bigger place before we can't afford it. Maybe.

What else should I try to achieve? We tidied the flat, I fixed the toilet, I won money off everyone at pool, what else is there in life to achieve? Man I'm feeling positive today...

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

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