Blog2009 ≫ Less tired today

Going to bed at 9pm seems to have helped!

In bed at nine o'clock seems to have done the trick! Still had to get up for little one's first feed of the night, probably half ten or eleven. I stumbled through that, he might have ended up with a carton of Um Bongo or something but he seems OK this morning. Apart from all the other night feeds Clare did he seems quite happy this morning, woke up after me and was beaming when I went in to get him. Lovely!

Had an hour's catch up session on a training course I missed while off on paternity yesterday. This seems to have prompted a dream that someone phoned me in the middle of the night to say "don't forget you have part two of that training course in the morning", plus travel arrangements. Was not even someone from work who I dreamt phoned me, just someone I had passed in the car who I recognised from the pub. Longer sleep = madder dreams.

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