Blog2024 ≫ Never Gonna Plank You Up day 2

Didn't sleep so well last night. I went to bed too early, before Clare, before T1, they were both up making noise and gently disturbing me, but then I slept. Then I woke up about half four or five and I've been awake since then. I woke up thinking about work. It felt like I'd been thinking about work already and I slowly became awake, rather than suddenly waking up with a work thought. Work is good, it's an interesting thing at work I'm occupied with. More automation. I put a new automation thing live yesterday, makes me much more productive. I must fine-tune it before sharing it. No of course not holding it back so I look more productive than other people. There's just one manual step that I want to get rid of. Then there are a few more manual processes I can automate. Am I automating myself out of a job? Well if I don't do it the AI will do it eventually.

It's expected for my sleep to be disturbed now, probably the booze. Going from a month of not drinking, to drinks at the weekend, to no booze again on Monday. Might affect sleep tonight too, then back to normal Wednesday. Then Thursday might go to the pub if I can? But not sure1. Friday I cannot because of Clare's work and my work trip to Welwyn Garden City.

My plank challenge leapt up to two minutes today. It's not that I am setting myself a target each day, just trying to do a bit longer. I did listen to music today to distract myself, that's the way. But saving Rick Astley until nearer the end. Not sure this is achievable for me.

Plank times:

date time
05/02/2024 1'30
06/02/2024 2'00

Made good use of the free energy last night and there's more for three hours over lunchtime today. When I made hotpot for the weekend I had loads of potatoes, so had loads of spare ends from the finely sliced potatoes. I have cut these into chips and will have them for lunch today, cooked in the Ninja. Sign up to Octopus here2.

The Darkness today in 2002, this one of the small NME "On" gigs at the Barfly in Camden. They're still going! Photos and video of The Darkness in Australia looked good, thanks Ryan.

44Kph winds and light cloud, 7 - 12℃.

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