Blog2011 ≫ I think I saw an otter

If not an otter, then it was a \"big mouse\". I'm going with otter.

Worked from home yesterday, and took a walk down to the canal at lunch. I was watching the ducks when I saw a loch ness monster, only smaller, swimming straight across the canal. Not a duck or a coot or anything as it was 90% under the water. Not an iceberg, that would be ridiculous, and not a fish as it stay consistently partly above the water. If it wasn't an otter, then it was probably a big mouse, so I'm sticking with otter.

Nice to see Jeremy Paxman's slip up on Newsnight, I didn't see it live but did via Ten O'Clock Live, which was great again. I did see the teacher on Countdown declaring wanker though. Have seen this happen once before, it's on youtube, though that time I'm sure it was pulled. This time they left it in but bleeped it.

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