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Diverted via East Bank and the post office this morning, to collect my Darkness tickets, and saw an accident on the way. A car pulled out without indicating, right into a cyclist. Both going at fairly slow speeds, so no damage done I don't think, though the driver got very defensive when asked for her details. I've given mine as a witness, I'm sure the cyclist's OK. Should have got my camera out and taken a few snaps to be a good reliable witness, though I didn't really want things to kick off at that time of day.

Just got an email in to say there are MORE Darkness tickets available for Brixton, from Wayahead... I can't check out this link though as web connection is a bit flaky today, no "normal" websites will load, though E-mail, SSH, and is fine, so I'm guessing there's something up with our proxy server and it's blocking port 80... tapping all this into a text editor and will post it up when I can. Can get on with some work, so going to take the opportunity to do some code improvements, to my big library that runs everything... first noticeable change will be that you can chuck an image up here by using my wiki style bracket bracket method, and not needing to know any HTML. Not sure if it's a smart way to do things or not, but I prefer it to the BBCode that's used on some boards. AAARGH, weblog / forum posts only talking about weblog / forum technology are like those podcasters who keep going on about their microphones!

Which segues neatly to this mornings listening, enjoyed Daily Sourcecode2, Coverville3, and Brad Sucks4 on indiefeed.com5 on the way in, interested to hear via someone or other's audio comment that there's a vegan cooking podcast somewhere in the directory on, so will check that out when things are up to speed. I only just realised that segue and Segway are homophones.

Have decided to pull a couple of links from my sidebar, my technorati profile and the dynamic londonbloggers popup6 are both slowing the page loading down, shame... if anyone can figure out a simple and standard way to include these without the browser pausing while they load, leave a message. I guess putting them at the very bottom of the page and and then moving them once they've loaded, with more javascript is one way.

Don't forget, Lovejoy Cowboys is on tonight. Oh, and our proxy server's restarted, so back on to work.

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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